A couple months ago I stumbled upon the company  Evolution Activewear who has created the first ever yoga pant with built in knee protection. So I thought to myself... what more could an outdoor yoga instructor ask for!? I reached out to see if I could test them out and their founder Joan Kottler gractiously sent me a pair of these bad ass yoga pants! Here are my thoughts!


The first day I wore these was while teaching a yoga class at Brooklyn Boulders Rock Gym. When I first put them on I noticed the knee pads right away, but once I pulled the pants up and got them to a comfortable place I was able to totally forget they were there.

During class the kneepads were a welcome relief while demoing certain poses. Class is usually busy enough that I can't fit my own mat, so I'll end up with some pretty bruised knees.

After teaching class I told my students about the product and they all reported that they wouldn't have known there were kneepads in my pants at all!


After class that day I climbed for a couple hours. The knee pads were great for protecting my knees from some of the bumps and scrapes I'll get from the rough rock wall.

I'll admit my knees got pretty sweaty after a while, so I don't think I'd recommend them for a long work out or day of outdoor climbing/hiking. However they were fantastic for the couple hours of teaching and climbing that I did that day.

The next day I took my KNEEOTECH pants outdoors. I did everything from yoga without a mat on the hard rocky ground to rolling around in the grass to climbing a tree!

These pants held up quite well! My only complaint was that the material got wet pretty fast from the damp ground. (Would love to see them in a more outdoor focused material in the future!) Also one of my big problems with boutique yoga brands is that they tend to create products for the "dancer" body type... and I have short little stubby legs, so I believe that's the main reason the knee pads bunched up from time to time (like in the photo to the left). 

Ultimately I would highly recommend these yoga pants to anyone who is interested in using them for outdoor yoga classes on hard surfaces, who are looking for extra knee support in the studio, or for teachers that tend to demo classes without a mat. These pants were soft, comfortable, and I got some compliments on their aesthetic as well. Even with my short figure I thought they complimented my body quite well.

Very happy I had the chance to test these yoga pants out! Learn more about Evolution Activewear in their FOX13 interview below or check out their website http://evolutionactivewear.com/

Evolution Activewear's Kneeotech Yoga Pants with Knee Pads Evolution Activewear founder Joan Kottler is featured on Fox 13's "The Place". Joan is the inventor and patent-holder (US PATENT D732,277S) for Kneeotech, revolutionary yoga pants that will save your knees. Yoga pants with built in knee pads, perfect for yoga, dance, gardening, and more!