Today has me thinking about all the spiritual influences in my life, and how they all come from different paths, philosophies, and religions, but the one main thing they have in common is a vision of love and kindness towards oneself, neighbor, and the earth. I have never been able to choose one path as so many different ideas excite me. I think it's important to allow yourself to be curious and open to more than one way of thinking. I must admit I often reject the purist ideologies of yoga in the same way I reject the rigid interpretations of the catholic church. For me, yoga is a way to learn about my body, understand how it moves, understand how it functions. There are many days where my yoga practice consists of finding a private wooded place in a forest where I can dance amongst the trees... flowing with the energy of the wind... (but no bullshit... there is a chance that one day you were walking in the woods and passed me secretly dancing my ass off... ) Some days it's about bringing my practice to my mind where I'll read passages from my favorite teachers... and some days it's about enjoying an incredible meal made with love from a friend with a wonderful talent for creating art with food. For me yoga is life, and living it the best way that you can. Whether that means you wake up and practice your physical asana every day or you just muster up the courage to think kind thoughts. Remember you experience a miracle when you open your mind to a new perspective. Know that you are always accepted in my book. Vegan, Vegetarian, Carnivore, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Atheist... Alcohol, or Non- Alcohol. Even if you are just a pro at watching TV there is space for you in my heart, and there is space for you with Backcountry Yoga. #backcountryyoga