How often have you looked yourself in the eyes and uttered the words, “I love you. I am worthy.”? Have you ever? I will totally admit - I used to be one of those people that thought looking at yourself in the mirror and whispering, “I love you.” was completely weird, lame, and awkward. Until, something sparked inside my soul, and one day, I just decided to give it a try. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all moonbeams and rainbows the first time I ever tried it. It definitely still felt a little weird, a little lame, and a little awkward at first, but, just at first, and, just a little bit. My overall feeling was that of overwhelming inner peace and joy. I felt quite empowered, and, my heart felt inspired. It was almost like, by simply speaking these words, I had breathed a whole new way of being into the tissues of my body and the depths of my soul. The more and more time I’ve dedicated to this practice, the way less awkward and lame it has felt, and the lighter, more open, and more confident I have become.

    There are many different ways to practice this ritual, but today, I’d like to share my personal favorite with you. You will need:

Sage/Other smudging tool of your intuitive choosing


Light your sage and begin smudging your aura. (Smudging is a Native American Shamanic practice intended to cleanse and purify a person, space, or thing.) To smudge, simply waft the smoke, created by lighting the sage, around your entire body, being mindful to include the crown of your head, back body, and bottoms of your feet.
Sit in a comfortable place in a comfortable position, lightly close your eyes, and take 10 slow, deep, rhythmic breaths. As you sit and breathe, make note of any physical sensations and/or emotions that you experience. Tune into the beat of your heart, and the physical space that surrounds your heart center.
Once you are feeling grounded and calm, grab or walk over to your mirror, and look yourself deeply in the eyes. Repeat this affirmation out loud 3 times, “I love you. I forgive you. I am worthy. I am courageous. I am confident.”
After speaking the affirmation for the third time, close your eyes and wrap your arms around your shoulders in a big, loving, warm embrace. Remain in your own embrace for 3 deep breaths, allowing the intention and vibration of the words to be absorbed.
Option: If it calls to you, take the time to journal about your experience.

    May this ritual inspire, empower, cleanse and uplift your spirit. 

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Caitlin Lassy is our very first Backcountry Yoga Ambassador. She's a Connecticut native that has brought her practice to the Rocky Mountains. We are so excited to have caitlin as part of our team! Lean more about Caitlin below:

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