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Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse

Happy Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse week, beautiful creatures!! (Woo, what a name!) Before I give you an overview of how you can best utilize the energy of this moon to catalyze change in your life, and why, let’s chat about what that crazy long name means!

Super: A moon is a “Super” Moon when the moon is Full, and it is physically the closest it will ever be to the earth. This makes the visibility of the moon spectacular, and it increases the energetic effects of the moon. (Maybe try to go someplace remote, away from light pollution, to really see this beauty in all of her glory.)

Blood: A moon is a “Blood” Moon when it is part of a series of three or more Total Lunar Eclipses. The word “Blood” comes from the fact that these Total Lunar Eclipses give the moon a reddish hue. The other two Total Lunar Eclipses that are a part of the same series as this blood moon, occur later in 2018, and in 2019.

Blue: A moon is a “Blue” Moon when it is the second Full Moon to occur in one month. The first Full Moon that occurred this month was on January 1st. How crazy is that, that we had a Full Moon on the very first day of this first month of 2018, and, we will be riding the waves of a Full Moon on the very last day of this first month of 2018?! Blue Moon’s are quite the rare occurrence, so, how also interesting that we will have TWO Blue Moon’s in 2018?! (I think there’s something happening here!)

Needless to say, there is A LOT of powerful energy going on here. It’s so potent, you may have already been feeling the effects of this energy for the past few days. Maybe you have noticed that you felt a bit anxious, emotional, introspective, reflective, or maybe even just a little bit off. Let’s dive a little deeper into the specifics of this moon, now, to understand why.

Full Moon’s always bring with them a supportive energy for releasing. This moon being a Blood Moon, though, and having its ties to future astrological events - as much of a focus this moon brings on releasing the old, the past, the no longer needed - it brings with it much supportive energy, too, for looking forward, for setting your sights on the future.

This Full Moon occurs in the astrological sign of Leo. Leo the fiery lion. Lion’s represent courage, personal strength, personal power, self-confidence, nobility, wisdom, loyalty, honor, generosity and independence.

I would encourage you to take a moment to repeat those words to yourself (or, at least, just the words that resonate with you the most - the words that you immediately notice evoke some sort of response from you), either silently, or out loud, eyes closed, with your hands over your heart. Notice what comes up for you. As you meditate on these words, what thoughts come into your mind? How does your physical body feel? What emotions do you notice, if any, begin to arise? Continue this for 10-20 breaths (or longer, if it calls to you), and then journal about your experience.

Take a moment to read what you what you wrote. Look at what came up for you and ask yourself, “What can I let go of here? What is no longer serving me? What is preventing me from living my life as the lion/lioness that I am? How am I blocking myself from my own light? How am I blocking the world from experiencing my light? How am I holding myself back?”

Again, go back through your journal and read what you wrote. As you read, allow yourself to really process the words, and ask yourself, “What is the energy that lies beneath these words? How can I use that energy to expand into the future? How can I transmute what’s here to better serve me going forward? How can I use this to take back what’s mine? How does this help me learn? How does this help me grow?”

Now, set an intention. Based on your answers to these questions, write down an intention that you can go back to each time you need a bit of inspiration. (Example - I release this old, heavy habit I have carried of comparing myself to others. I recognize that this habit brings me anxiety, weighs me down and only dulls my shine. I know that I am a brilliantly unique being, there is no other exactly like me - and how magnificent is THAT?! I release this habit, so that I may OWN my unique qualities and talents, bringing more shine, and more sparkle into this world. I release this habit, so that I may not just follow along the path of another, but so that my particular existence may be innovative and mine.)

This Super Blood Blue Moon Eclipse wants to be of assistance in letting go of the many ways we keep ourselves, and our lives, small, fragile, and easy. It wants to assist us in developing a new way of existence as we look to the future. The question is, will you let it?

Photo By: Peter Constantinople