Photo by: Peter Constantinople

Photo by: Peter Constantinople

When I Let Others Shine, I Shine Too: By Caitlin Lassy

    It’s no secret that the world at large, as well as our internal worlds, have gone through massive shifts in recent times. In fact, we are still experiencing these shifts on some level. So much has been learned, so much has been discarded, and so much growth has been ignited. Still, so much is being learned. Still, so much is being discarded. There is still so much growth in progress, and, still so much more room for future growth. The transition from 2017 to 2018 not only involved the physical turning of the calendar page, but the opening of fresh eyes on our situations, and a sense of being grounded and empowered amidst the chaos. 2017 shook us up, prepared us for this next chapter, and laid down the foundation for chapters to come. Now, the path appears clear, and our hearts and eyes are set on the prize.

    With a renewed commitment to our purpose now in our hearts and on our minds, it’s important to remember that we do not walk this road alone. If we were to attempt to totally dive into this journey alone, we would be easily worn down and quickly tattered. We would soon crumble under the immense spirit of our own determination. With all this cultivated personal power and self-inspiration in the air, we must remember the important role that our friends, family, supporters, and community play. We must remember the importance of discovering, having, and most importantly, nurturing our tribe.

    Even when we’re feeling grounded, inspired, and connected, our sneaky egos can find a way to separate and distance us from one another. The ego would like to see us wear ourselves down and crumble under the light of our own determination, because, if instead, we were to tap into the collective power and capabilities of our tribe, well, that would make the ego quite uncomfortable. The ego does not like to feel uncomfortable. The ego will develop any behaviors it can think of to extinguish our light, and strengthen its darkness. The judgement of another, and the comparison of yourself to another are external expressions of this internal process taking place. The acts of judgement and comparison are acts that vibrate at a toxic level. Acts that create a toxic world. Acts that nourish the ego. However, if we can learn to recognize this toxic behavior, consciously drop it to the wayside, and instead, learn to celebrate our differences while seeing and strengthening our inherent sameness, we can create the world of our dreams that our fresh eyes now allow us to see as a possibility.

    Now, as the common expression says, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” So, be mindful to regularly maintain the practices that provide you the opportunity to self-nourish and self-empower your own soul, your own heart, and your own light. Then, from that clear space, uplift your neighbor. Support your brothers and sisters. Encourage the members of your tribe. Give these gifts with meaning and intention. Give, especially during these inspired times. Crack open your heart for these words to emanate loudly from your soul, “When I uplift and support others, and allow others to shine, I feel more uplifted, more grounded and supported, and I shine more brightly, too.”
 Only together, we can. And together, we will.

Caitlin Lassy is our very first Backcountry Yoga Ambassador. She's a Connecticut native that has brought her practice to the Rocky Mountains. We are so excited to have caitlin as part of our team! Lean more about Caitlin below:

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