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Stop Dreaming Start Doing: By Laura Loewy

Photography By: Nash Pitla

Photography By: Nash Pitla

I discovered my passion for the outdoors from a very young age. As a child I was wildly excited by nature. From building fots to climbing the tallest trees I could find, It was always deep inside my soul to be one with the earth.

I look back and laugh at how obvious it always was that my life’s work would be within the wilderness, but if you had asked me 5 years ago what I thought I’d be doing today, I would have had a very different answer.

People always talk about how children are the purest form of themselves, and how the world we live in teaches us to push away that truth of who we are. So as I was molded by my world and the people around me, for every year older I got the further away from myself I became.

It wasn’t until I started yearning for a different life as I sat in my office cubicle that the inkling that the universe had something else in store for me started to set in. At first all I thought was that I just wanted a higher paying job with a more prestigious title. So I set my mind to work and achieved that goal. But it only took 6 months for the allure of that to wear off, leaving me feeling desperate, anxious and constantly confused about my future.

For a long time I suffered from insomnia, nightmares, and lucid dreams that made me too afraid to even turn off the lights. My mind always spinning and ruminating on the things I wished I had or places I could go, or a person I could be. Being present in the moment impossible for my mind.

And then one night I was startled awake. I sat straight up and said out loud to myself as though the words were not my own, “Stop wishing for things you can do yourself. Take action.”

6 months later I left my office job, enrolled in an outdoor leadership program and started an outdoor yoga company from the ground up.

So here I am now working my butt off to keep this thing I’ve created alive. Some like to say I’m following my dreams, but to be honest I’m not really a huge fan of the word dream... because dreams aren’t real, and wishing they were will never make them become reality. It takes hard, consistent, passionate, joy focused action to bring a wild ambitious idea to life. You must verify that your vision is rooted in a reality that you believe in to your core, this takes deep and often painful reflection forcing you to stomp out your inner demons right then and there. But once you rise from this place of introspection you will be ready to face the world, hand in hand with your big crazy wild idea.

So today I challenge you to stop dreaming… and start doing! It should scare you ;) That’s half the fun.