community events


community events

Creative Classes in Unique Settings

When we aren’t traveling far into the mountains we love spending time with our community in and around New England. Check out our upcoming events designed to get you out of the house and connecting with friends, family, and amazing new people.


adventure Retreats

adventure Retreats


From car camping to backpacking.
High mountain huts to luxury hotels.
We’re here, ready to lead you just outside your comfort zone.


Upcoming Adventures

Educational Opportunities

Educational Opportunities

Knowledge is the key to unlocking your life’s greatest adventures.

Do you love hiking and spending time in nature?
Do you dream of teaching yoga classes in unique outdoor venues?
Would you like to enjoy experiences that transcend the studio walls?


20 hour BCY Instructor Trainings

Transcend the studio walls with this 20 hour weekend training. You’ll leave inspired to and equipped with the proper knowledge on how to bring yours and others practice into the great outdoors!

Wilderness First Aid

Accidents happen. People get hurt, sick, or lost. The temperature drops, the wind picks up, and it starts to rain. Would you know what to do? Come learn the basics of wilderness medicine in a yoga retreat environment

Wilderness Workshops

Learn to not only survive while spending time in the wild, but to thrive comfortably! we offer a wide variety of workshops including, Camping 101, Backpacking Basics, Fire Building skills, and so much more!

Workplace Yoga

Workplace Yoga


Relax, Renew, Rewire

It's no secret that when we move our bodies, we receive a multitude of benefits...
happy bodies = strong minds

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5 reasons to offer yoga at the workplace

  1. Increase Productivity: Creative juices start to flow when your body and mind begin to release mental blocks. Our ability to sit in one place increases when we have an opportunity to expel energy. Yoga is a great way to increase endorphins, which will leave people feeling revitalized, at ease, and therefore more productive.

  2. Creative Team Building: Yoga, while individual in movement, is collaborative in practice. The experience of practicing in one room will bring members of your workforce together.  A stronger bond between employees will lead to a more positive work atmosphere.

  3. Happier/Healthier Employees: If yoga is made available during work hours, your employees are more likely to attend than if expected to do so on their own time.  Your decision to support healthy lifestyle may influence your employees to make healthy choices outside of work as well.  

  4. Reduced Stress/Fewer Sick Days: Yoga is known to reduce tension and stress in the body.  In a recent study 80% of people reported feeling less stressed at work since adding yoga to their weekly schedule.  The less stressed out your employees are, the less likely they are to call in sick.

  5. Make Money and Save Money:  Reducing sick days, adding to company perks, and increasing company morale ultimately influences your bottom line. Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness program to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums as well as retain employees for longer periods of time. More and more companies are including corporate wellness programs.

what backcountry yoga offers

Together we can co-create a program that works specifically for your organization's needs. Our services can be arranged for weekly, monthly, and one-time events. Discounts provided for scheduling three consecutive events. Check out what we offer:

  • Yoga Flow ( 45-60 minutes)

    • This style of yoga is focused on warming up the body, boosting the metabolism, and getting the blood pumping. Students will move from pose to pose through seamless transitions.

  • Yoga Stretch ( no sweat)(45-60 minutes)

    • This restorative style of yoga is focused on moving the body and relieving the ailments of sitting.

  • Workshops ( any time desired)

    • Yoga Express: Give your employees the opportunity to learn a quick series of movements they can do on their own, any time any place!

    • Meditation: Learn techniques to calm the mind and create a productive space.

  • Yoga Field Trips

    • Walk in the Woods: bring your employees on an adventure! Have everyone meet at a local reservation trail head where Backcountry Yoga will guide your group on a quick walk in the woods.

    • Local Yoga Hike: Extend your walk in the woods to include an outdoor yoga class in the middle of nature!

    • Outdoor Yoga: Bring your office yoga class to a local outdoor park!

    • Full Day Yoga Hike: This one is next level team building! Enjoy a hike, with a mountain top yoga class & meditation.



interested in working with us? 

We can create programming that works for you!

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