Laura Loewy: Founder & CEO

I created Backcountry Yoga as a passion project to help offer new and exciting ways to connect with other yogis in the great outdoors. I am an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School, a trained Wilderness First Responder and certified in vinyasa & teen yoga. 

I am focused on offering experiences that make you feel alive. Through soul empowered adventure I seek to uncover the inner bad ass inside of everyone I meet. If you need some life changing shake up... that includes getting dirty... and connecting with the earth! I'm your girl ;) Can't wait to meet you on the trail!

Jen Wyatt

Jen has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her 200 hour training at Back Bay Yoga (now YogaWorks Back Bay) in Boston. She has a lighthearted and playful style that is accessible to everyone. Her classes have a strong emphasis on mindfulness and alignment, while encouraging curiosity, kindness, self-compassion, and listening to one’s own body. She believes that yoga can be a very powerful form of self-discovery, and that it offers lessons for how to cope and thrive through all of life’s ups and downs. 

Jen is passionate about combining her love for yoga with nature, travel, and adventure. Growing up in rural New Hampshire, she spent her childhood exploring the acres of woods behind her home with her family, playing at the shores of the nearby swamp with her best friend, or just laying on a boulder or a hammock underneath the canopy of the forest. She feels the most at peace when in nature, and wants to help inspire others to find that same connection with the earth. 

Jen's completed additional training in mindfulness meditation and restorative yoga, and she loves to infuse her love of music into her indoor yoga classes by creating fun and unique playlists. In her spare time, Jen loves experimenting with healthy cooking, reading and learning as much as possible, seeking new experiences, seeing live music, and creating art.


Courtney Bell

Courtney ignites you to strengthen your core and find your balance on and off the mat.  She works to fire your devotion to practice. The asana practice she offers is to help you connect you're pranayama and prathyara to explore your path.   Courtney  uses her training to help her practioners discover a pieces  of themselves  previously  unttainable. She works to strengthen your core  and finding your balance  to help navigate life.

Over 15 years  ago,  Courtney started her yoga path at Moksha  Yoga in Chicago. She was introduced  to itegrating the yoga sutras by Daren Friesen.  This led her to connect  body, breath, and movement with the mind. She incorporates the sutras into life.

She began her study of teaching  yoga with Street Yoga  in San Diego. This lead her to explore more about the body and movement  and trauma with Bes Van Der Kolk at Kripalu yoga center. She  studied 200 hour training at Chakra  Power   Yoga with Nicole  Burrill and Tim Kelleher.

Balance .....Breathe...Core ...
Come explore.

Lexie Van Der Beek

Lexie Van Der Beek, a native of Boston, grew up hiking in the Middlesex Fells and all over New Hampshire and Vermont. One of her favorite hikes is hiking up Cannon Mt on a fall day, sometimes ending with a stop at the Woodstock Inn and Brew Station after!  She also enjoys teaching hot yoga, playing soccer, and hanging out with her family and dog. When she is not outside she can usually be found in local libraries devouring any books she can get her hands on, recently reading lots of non-fiction and suspense novels. She also enjoys skiing both downhill and cross-country in the winter, and swimming in secret watering holes in the summer. Random items on her bucket list include taking a train ride across Canada and traveling to Kenya to see the great migration. 

Kayla Baumlin

Kayla Baumlin is a 200HR RYT and a Rhode Island native. Kayla grew up in RI and spent her teenage years in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, creating a love for the sea and deep connection with the mountains. She now splits her time between RI and the Northeast “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut. Kayla teaches a slow moving, powerful vinyasa flow and her classes are always inspired by the elements of nature. Kayla also enjoys taking her students deeper through guided meditation. She has experience teaching trauma informed yoga to young women and aims to use yoga as a tool to heal pain and establish a healthy relationship with the self. Being outside in nature is where Kayla feels most in touch with her highest self. Falling in love with the earth has lead her down the most beautiful path. Nature provides her with a sense of grounding, peace and bliss that can’t be replicated. 

Jason Denham

Jason currently resides in Somerville, MA but is originally from Maryland. He got his outdoor training in the Pisgah National Forest in and out of Asheville NC where he spent 10 years as a wilderness professional. In 2017 Jason participated in a 200hr TT with Fluid Yoga focused on Hatha Vinyasa of Sakya heritage. 
The wilderness called to Jason to be a steward of the land and of service to others. Yoga taught him the same. What better way than to practice yoga in a space that I love? ~Pranam


Lauren Anderson

I'm from Mansfield, MA originally but I currently live in Somerville (moving back to Medford at the end of the month though!). I was first introduced to yoga just about 10 years ago, as a way to prevent injuries during track and cross country seasons my senior year of high school, but I didn't adopt a regular practice until about 8 years ago. In 2016, I completed my 200 hour training with Yoga of Energy Flow under Daniel Orlansky, Liz Owens, Chip Hartranft, and Carrie Tyler. It was the first time I truly delved deep into yoga philosophy, pranayama, qi gong, mudras, mantra, or different meditation techniques. I loved learning about alignment as well, but the heart of yoga that had been somewhat missing from my practice was finally revealed to me, and it was AWESOME. For me, there is no place I feel more effortlessly in the moment than when I'm in nature. This planet provides everything for us, including a remedy for everything that ails our bodies, minds and souls. The path of yoga makes you keenly aware that we ought to walk this earth leaving every place better than we found it. A large part of yoga is connecting to the divine oneness in all things, and I think nature presents the fewest barriers to experiencing that connection. Being out in nature, I find myself breathing more, smiling more, moving my body more-- and just generally feeling more alive when I am surrounded by so much other life.

Ashley Peck

Ashley grew up in Hudson, NH, and currently lives in Concord, NH, with her mini Australian Shepherd, two cats, and her husband. She began practicing yoga in 2003 and maintained a very “on” relationship with yoga throughout high school, but fell into a more tenuous, “will they/won’t they” type of relationship with yoga during her college and post-college years. Ashley reconnected with yoga in a very powerful way in 2014, enrolled in teacher training the following fall, and has been teaching since the spring of 2016.

While Ashley and her husband own a home, they would be just as happy (probably happier, actually) to live in a van and spend all their time outdoors. Whether it's hiking, climbing, mountain biking, trail running or skiing/snowboarding, Ashley relies on spending time in nature to settle her mind, bring her inner peace, and make her feel truly alive. Now, as a Backcountry Yoga ambassador, she is super excited to share her love of yoga and all things outdoors with others!

Sarah O’Reilly

Originally from Burlington MA
Currently living in Worcester MA
I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years now. This past year I decided to take my love of yoga to the next level and become certified to teach. I just graduated in June of this year. So excited to begin this new journey. My focus is to combine my passion for the outdoors along with yoga teachings. I’m always outside when I can be, hiking,kayaking snowboarding, drawing or painting and just relaxing even on my hammock. I would love to lead these activities alongside yoga and to assist or lead longer retreats.


Amy Sinclair

Amy is amazing, but hasn’t sent us her bio just yet! Check her out here:


Erin Devereux

Erin is also super awesome, but we’re still waiting on her bio :)


Gabby Rivas

This amazing earth child completed our first ever training back in 2017! Bio coming soon :)

Erika Halaby

From: Methuen, Massachusetts
Currently Living: Plymouth, New Hampshire

I have been practicing yoga for two years now, mostly ashtanga but I am always experiencing other styles in my practice. I will be going for my RYT200 in January, which is a dream come true. Yoga has been a guide and my biggest inspiration on this earth walk in all things, ever since I found it. My heart is in this practice, and I want nothing more than to share all of it`s love and possibility with others.

Mother Earth and all that her nature is, sets my soul on fire because of the endless possibilities for growth and exploration. My time in nature teaches me to have hope and seek meaning in all of life’s experiences. When I am with nature, my mind, body and soul is full of spirit and life. I believe that everything I have ever learned about who I truly am, I have learned in the wilderness.

Tara Gunduz

Tara is a 200HR RYT, and holds certifications in Reiki, Crystal Reading, Mindfulness Instruction, and Astrology. While Tara is currently a resident of Cambridge, MA, she grew up in Central/Western Massachusetts where she spent much of her childhood on outdoor adventures with her father, an award-winning rock collector and self-made geologist.

Tara’s overall vision is to empower others to evolve their own mindfulness, confidence, inner joy and overall happiness. Tara believes that all beings and objects are one energy, and lives her life guided by the principle of “Trust the Universe”. Through mind-body connection, she seeks to support others in discovering their own authentic “messages of the heart”, and believes that being in nature helps support this process of self-connection and awareness.

Tara’s personal mission is to encourage others to live each day with purpose, actualize their potential and nurture the best version of themselves possible. Aside from teaching yoga in the studio, she provides yoga sessions for high school athletes, and incorporates mindfulness and meditation into her daily career as a high school math teacher. She has taught private yoga sessions for athletes, in particular, runners who are looking to complement their training. Tara is also a dean and director at Enjoy Life Education, an organization based on leadership education and human empowerment.

Meghan Dutton

Meghan Dutton lives in Newburyport, MA and has been practicing meditation and yoga for the past 15 years. She is certified with Mindful Schools as a mindfulness educator and has been implementing mindfulness in classrooms and schools throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She is 200-hr RYT certified with Live Love Teach and teaches yoga at Saltwater, Riverside, and Exeter Power yoga studios in Massachusetts. She offers meditation and yoga retreats for teens and educators, leads outdoor yoga experiences in MA and NH, and facilitates mindfulness and yoga in schools and after-school programs throughout Massachusetts.

“When I spend time outdoors I find that there is a way that nature reminds me of the stillness that exists within. Spending time with others, or in times of silence, yoga, or mindful practice in nature, I feel rejuvenated, connected, expansive. It reminds me that I am not alone, that I am apart of a vast universe that supports, holds, and embraces all in loving arms. Nature ignites my soul so that I remember who I truly am and and the deepest Self that exists within all beings. This is why I LOVE the combination of yoga and meditation outdoors, as nature can support this deep understanding of stillness and connection.

Kerry McGinn

erry is a Physical Therapist with her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree, a 200 hour RYT through Prana Power Yoga, and a Personal Trainer.  She has completed many workshops in restorative yoga, mindfulness and meditation and she has a speciality certification in Yoga and Meditation for Traumatic Brain Injuries through Love Your Brain. Kerry has been a lover of movement and nature her whole life. While she currently lives in Brighton, MA, she grew up on the beaches of Long Island, NY. As a young child, Mother Nature played a role in her life through the ocean and sand where she learned about the true healing power of water and the mountains of the west learning to ski at age 3. She spent most of her younger years playing sports in the urban fields of Mother Nature. For as long as she can remember, exercising and spending time outdoors has always put her at ease.

Five years ago, Kerry found yoga which forever changed her life for the better. She learned how to manage her own mental health and connect to her body on a deeper level. As she learned more about yoga, she learned more about how she wanted to serve her patients and clients.  In the past few years, Kerry has fallen more in love with Mother Nature than ever before.  Mother Nature has helped her to connect to her true passion, creativity and fire.  She has watched glorious sunsets, mesmerizing sunrises and beautiful vistas-- each one solidifies her passion for helping others feel good in their bodies.

Her vision is to help others heal their injuries through a mind body approach and the power of Mother Nature. She believes that every BODY deserves to move as they want to and that through the power of mindful movement, Mother Nature and meditation every body can move as they want too.  

She truly believes that every person deserves to feel good in their bodies because really, who doesn't want to feel good?