All reservation incorporate a $25 non refundable processing/planning fee. 
Cancellation outside 60 days before a trip will be fully refunded minus the $25 registration/planning fee.
Cancellation inside 45 days before a trip is subject to a $50 cancellation fee.
Cancellation inside 30 days before a trip will not be refunded.
( Exception if spot is filled, $50 cancellation fee will still apply.)
All overnight adventures go rain or shine.

All reservations incorporate a $5 non refundable processing/planning fee
Due to the limited amount of spots available per trip, cancellations inside 24 hours are non refundable.
All summit yoga hikes go rain or shine.
Transfer of date is an option to avoid fees.

Although our policy is rain or shine, Backcountry Yoga reserves the rights to cancel class whenever conditions are deemed unsafe for participants. Weather is volatile and we will always make decisions within 2-3 hours of an event.  Under the circumstance that Backcountry Yoga cancels a trip/ or local yoga hike, all participants will be refunded in full. No fees will apply. 

Backcountry Yoga does not permit pets on any of our adventures. As dog lovers we wish this was not the case. We can not control other off leash dogs that may walk through and how they interact with your pet. This variable can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. I hope you can understand.

Group Size:
Backcountry Yoga would like to preserve our trails and respect other hikers. We keep our groups small to ensure both values. Overnights in wilderness areas are kept to 10 people. Local Hikes max out at 12. We hope you can understand.

Traveling as a group:
When you sign up for a Backcountry Yoga hiking trip you are signing up to hike as one unit. Our objective is to stay together. Please do not leave the group to hike on your own. If you are not interested in keeping pace with the group this adventure may not be for you. At no time in the trip will you be permitted to leave the group and hike on your own. 
(If you have a fast pace and have a hard time hiking with others consider adding extra weight to your pack to slow you down ;) )

Know that Backcountry Yoga has your best interests in mind. All trip details are subject to change based on weather & trail conditions. All Backcountry Yoga guides are Wilderness First Aid & CPR certified. 

There is inherent risk involved with outdoor recreation and yoga. You will be required to sign a waiver of liability before attending any Backcountry Yoga adventure. We encourage you to read over the entire form. No persons who refuse signature of liability waiver will be permitted on any Backcountry Yoga events. 

If you have any questions please reach out to