What are people saying about Backcountry Yoga?

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Her pursuit of sunshine blog: on hiking the huts

"After breakfast, we stretched out and began our day with another full yoga session. I have to say the yoga portion of the weekend surprised me in how much I really enjoyed it. It was a crazy good experience to be taking a deep breath of fresh air, stretching out, lifting your face to the sun and hearing the birds chirp in the distance. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for other outdoor yoga opportunities."

Overall we hiked about 15 miles and three 4,000 summits. I made some good friends, and truly enjoyed the weekend. It make me much more comfortable with hiking and the huts – and I think it’s something I’d feel comfortable doing without a guide in the future. That being said, I’d also totally go on another trip with Laura and Joel at Backcountry Yoga. They are good people, and they attract good people, making it an awesome experience for anyone."  Read full story

Courtney Malloy & Kailey Elizabeth-Face: Colorado

"Words could never describe how incredible this adventure was! I never considered myself a hiker or a camper but was looking for a challenge and a new way to explore the world. The organizers are incredible and the people they bring together are amazing! The organizers were easy to get in touch with when I had questions and made a scary experience so exciting! I would recommend an adventure like this to EVERYONE!" -Courtney

"This trip was nothing but life changing. As a newbie to camping, I was very nervous about the backpacking and sleeping experience. Laura of Backcountry yoga and Emily of Goyo adventures, assisted me in everything from setting up my tent, to hiking a 13,000 ft peak. I cannot express in words the magic that I witnessed and experienced on this trip!! I highly recommend it." -Kailey



Laura Gerber: white mountain hiking retreat

"This trip was absolutely fantastic! Laura and Joel did a wonderful job ensuring that we were all prepared before leaving for the hike (they even helped us put on our packs appropriately). Throughout the hike, they ensured that we were all comfortable with the hiking pace. The yoga portion of the trip was perfect. We did some beautiful sun salutations at the top of our first peak. Then, we did some restorative yoga after our first day of hiking and some meditative/restorative yoga prior to our hiking the next morning. The group dynamics were incredible. We all got along very well- we laughed and became immediate friends. We're all looking forward to hiking together again soon. Laura has even started a post-trip Facebook page, so we can connect with all Backcountry Yoga alums. I highly recommend Backcountry Yoga, and I cannot wait to join another one of their trips!" 


Chris KolAsa: Professional Photographer:
White Mountains Adventure with Backcountry Yoga

"My mind was in a perfect state of being. I was present and truly happy with where I was - I did not want to leave, I was now ready to head back and kick the upcoming week's butt. My mind and body truly benefitted tremendously from the entire experience, made some new friends and I learned a bit about myself and grew as a person." Read Full Story


Kristine Daniels & Meryl Willett:
white mountain hiking retreat

We had an awesome time! Laura and Joel were fantastic guides. I'm new to hiking, but the pace and structure of the trip was perfect! Thanks again! -Kristine

Laura and Joel were wonderful trip-leaders. The accommodations at the hut were nice, and the hikes were challenging with beautiful views. I would recommend a Backcountry Yoga trip to anyone. -Meryl